Our business

Mold & Die, and Indsutrial field Plastics & Robotic  industry Jewelry

Our company was started with these products on 1979 and we confidently introduce them to you namely, Ultrasonic Finishing System, Mould Welder, Air Grinder, Electric Micromotor system, Ceramic abrasive stones, Polishing components.

For the plastics and Robotic industry, we prepare the Arm Robot and End-of-arm tooling products such as Chucking parts, and Air Nippers.

We support your machining in the Jewelry field with Micromotor system, Ultrasonic Finishing System, Laser welder and Hand tools.

Dental Technology Hobby SwanCel

We offer you the professional Micromotor system and end tip tools for Dental Technology market.

We believe our products are helpful to your hobbies such as the Bird carving, Wood carving, Plastic-Models, Figure-Models, Glass Art and Nail Art etc.,

Alcohol in nitrocellulose is replaced by cyclo-hexanone or a mixture of MIBK and toluene to be applied in urethane formulation e.g. magnetic tape coating, special ink, etc.,