Polishing Components



Simichrome brings without scratching a brilliant shine to any uncoated, non-ferrous metal surface – brass, gold, silver, aluminium, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper, stainless steel, even Plexiglas.

Simichrome is a paste polish which produces a beautiful high finish with very little effort. Simply rub on with a soft cloth and rub off to obtain a brilliant luster. It makes chain polishing very easy.

Simichrome removes tarnish, dirt and oils, and generally renews polished metal surfaces. It leaves a protective film which retards oxidation.

Simichrome is also great for testing the authenticity of Bakelite. A small amount of this polish is rubbed on the surface of the Bakelite with a cotton swab.
If the polish turns yellow, the piece is Bakelite, if it remains pink in colour, the piece is not Bakelite.

Simichrome works great for antiques, jewellery, motorcycles, automotive cleaning, gun and knife collectors, music instruments, golf clubs, and other general home use. It is the perfect product to polish tool and die molds, extrusion dies… anywhere an ultra fine final polishing is required.

Simichrome is a unique, non-toxic and non-corrosive compound and the abrasive particle size is 8 to 10 microns. Their shelf life is about five years stored cool and dry.

Simichrome is available in a convenient 50 gram tube (24 tubes in a box) and in cans of 250 and 1000 gram.



ARGOFOIL  is a self-adhesive backed Diamond Deposited Foil used for polishing and dressing of metal surfaces. ARGOFOIL is supplied in sheets of up to 400 x 400mm(standard is 50 x 100mm) in full range from 100 to 6000 grits.
To use simply cut to shape with a pair of scissors, remove the self-adhesive backing from the Foil and apply to the polishing stick: ARGOFOIL maybe applied to either metal, plastic or wood.


Faster cutting and longer lasting than normal abrasive papers.
Can be used equally well on normal tool Steel, Tungsten Carbide or EDM surfaces.
Versatile and economic, just one sheet of Free-Cut can become a large variety of tools.



PLATINUP is just developed by Argofile and a leading Japanese polishing compound manufacturer especially for platinum polishing work and it makes the platinum polishing / finishing much better, easier and faster.

PLATINUP new polishing system consists of only two steps compound works, Fine polishing (PFP-1) and then Mirror Finish (PMF-2).

1) PLATINUP is only for Platinum.
2) PLATINUP does not fly off during the buff work.
3) PLATINUP polishing power is much bigger than any conventional compounds.
4) PLATINUP, two types can be easily recognized by each color, Fine polishing (PFP-1) in Yellow color and Mirror Finish in Green color (PMF-2).

  • PFT-1


    Fine Polishing

    approx. 380g

  • PFT-2


    Fine Polishing

    approx. 380g

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