Ultrasonic Finishing System ULTRAFORM

For the last 32 years ARGOFILE has brought the benefits of ultrasonic polishing and finishing to mould and diemakers everywhere. Using ultrasonic energy in conjunction with conventional abrasive tools, manual procedures can’t compete for quality results, or the substantial time savings. As the recognized leader in the field, ARGOFILE has continued to bring you the best that technology has to offer. Now, with the introduction of the new generation ULTRAFORMS, we’re giving you the power to not only perform your most intricate polishing jobs with ease, but a great job to new century with our Fifth Generation ULTRAFORMS, models UF-2600/5600.

*Please be informed that the UF-5600 was discontinued on June 30th, 2021 and the successor UF-0103 was launched on July 1st, 2021.
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Fifth Generation ULTRAFORMS Bring the Following Advantages –

50% increase in power over previous ULTRAFORM models.
New circuitry provides constant power regardless of pressure applied to the handpiece.
A wide selection of stroke from 4 – 40 microns gives the operator fast, aggressive benching for ultra fine finishing.
New expanded range of tooling, including Ceramic Stones and Resin Bonded Diamond Stones.
The new lightweight Universal Handpiece is capable of powering all ARGOFILE tooling, from the smallest to the largest.
Model UF-5600 gives 30% more torque to ARGOFILE A.F.Series Handpieces.
New standard tooling emphasizes state of art ultrasonic tooling.

UF-5600 set consists of
  • Power Pack (UF-5600)
  • Ultrasonic handpiece (UF-9700)
  • Standard tools and accessories
  • Power cord
  • Tool box

Set Contents

Power pack / UF-5600Ultrasonic handpiece / UF-9700Standard tools and accessories


Power pack

Frequency of vibration : 20.0 – 30.0 KHz

Amplitude : 4 to 40 micrometers200V-240V
Frequency adjustment : Automatic feedback system
Power output Ultrasonic : 45 W Max.DC30V
Power output voltage : DC0 – 30V
Power source : Single phase 100 to 250V 50/60Hzmm
Power consumption : 200VA
Outside dimension : 162 x 280 x 210 mm
Weight : 3,700 grams


Ultrasonic handpiece

Transducer : B.L.T. electro-strictive
Cable length : 2.0 M
Screw thread : M6 and M4 with adaptor
Dimension : (15 x 28φ) x 128L mm
Weight : 130 grams

Standard tools and accessories

Diamond files : 4 pcs.
Resin bonded diamond stones : 2 pcs.
Ceramic stones : 6 pcs.
Wooden laps : 2 pcs.
Diamond stones : 3 pcs.
Clamp horns : 5 pcs.
Adaptor M6 to M4 Thread : 1 pc.
Allen keys : 1 pc.
Spanners M8/M10/M13 : 1 pc. each
Replacement fuse : 1 pc.
Hand piece wrench : 1 pc.
Protective ear plugs : 1 set
Protective sleeve for hand piece : 2 pcs.