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MMP33STmobile 1 P set (High-speed handpiece)

mobile 1 P set (High-speed handpiece)

MINI MONTOR MOBILE 1 set is the rechargeable and portable micromotor system. In case of the emergent cases such as the power supply failure, or you want to work out of office or far away from the power source, this mobile set is very useful.

– 3 hours battery charging allows 140 minutes of continuous use.

– Battery is Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-Mh) battery.

– You can operate during the battery charged.

– Weight of the controller is very light and abt. 270 grams.

– Rotation speed of MPH33 hand piece is 33,000 rpm Max.

Monile 1 P set consists of
  • Micromotor handpiece MPH33
  • Controller MPC20-W
  • On / Off Foot pedal TPF-30
  • Handpiece cradle TRC-02
  • AC power adaptor
  • power cord

Content of set

Mobile controller / MPC20 Aluminum case
Soft case
Mobile motor hand piece / MPH33



Battery type : Ni-Mh
Charging time : 3 hours
Continuous working time : 140 minutes
Input voltage : AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension : 73(W) x 170(D) x 34(H)mm
Weight : 268gm
Color variation : White

Aluminum case / Soft case

The carrying case can be chosen according to a hard type and a soft type.


Micromotor handpiece

Rotation speed : 0 – 33,000 rpm max.
Dimension : Φ25mm x 143Lmm
Weight : 148gm
Motor cord length: 150mm(Curl type)
Color variation : White

Hand piece Stand / TRC-02 Safety glasses / Dust mask ON / OFF foot pedal / TPF-30


Handpiece cradle

855 / W2040C

Safety glasses / Dust mask


On / Off Foot pedal