• All tubing can be ordered in different colors for circuit identification.
  • Type UB tubing is made of polyurethane which has excellent flexibility and suitable for compact circuit.
  • Types NA and NB are made of nylon for high pressure circuits.
  • Type NC is made of clear nylon for vacuum applications and has excellent flexibility.
Cat.No. OD x ID (mm) Material Max.Working Pressure Working Vacuum Working temperature range Standard Length Min. Bending radius (mm) Weight (g/m) Remarks Color
US0425 4.0×2.5 Polyurethane 0.7Mpa -100kPa -15~60°C 20M, 50M 10 9   Black,
UB0640 6.0×4.0 15 19  
NA0640 6.0×4.0 Nylon 0.9Mpa 20M, 100M 25 17  
NA0860 8.0×6.0 50 23  
NB0425 4.0×2.5 0.7Mpa 15 9   Black,
NB0640 6.0×4.0 25 17  
NC0425 4.0×2.5 0.3Mpa 8 9 For vacuum Transparent
NC0640 6.0×4.0 12 17

*Other color, size, length are also available on request.