Static Eraser

  • A new unique device for removal of static electricity.
  • The Static Eraser generates ions which are blown onto the effected area removing static electricity.
Stative Eraser


  • Moulded parts intended for foil printing or metalizing.
  • If directed onto the Resin Hopper of injection moulding machines, the Static Eraser will reduce ” Bridging” and give static free mouldings.
  • For removal of static electricity on assembly lines of P.C.Boards/optical lenses etc.,
Cat.No. SDJ-03
Weight 230 g
Ion Generation Method Corona discharge method
Applied Voltage Rating AC±3,000V
Rated value Power voltage : DC24±10%
Consumption : 50 m A Max.
Operating Conditions Temperature : 0 – 50 ℃
Humidity : 35 – 65% RH
Working air pressure : 0.6 MPa Max.