SonoCraft ST-360

Ultrasonic Finishing System SonoCraft ST-360

SonoCraft ST-360 is the multi-purpose and versatile ultrasonic device which can be widely used for the various field because of the end tip tools such as “repairing the printed-circuit board”, “cleaning fossils” and “the metal-chasing” etc.,

In comparison with the conventional machine, this ST-360/HP-9706 is more powerful. It is possible to make the rough grinding by using the integrated tools and, also possible to make the fine polishing with cramp tools.

Because of Innovative internal construction, the operability and safety are also improved, and ST-360 is certified with CE certification in Europe (CE marking). Additionally, the high user-friendly is realized due to the advanced functionality.


– Ultrasonic vibrations can be used as a hammer.

– Oscillation mode can be selected from 4 modes: Single ( – ), intermittent ( – – – or – – – – ) or continuous( — )

– It is also suitable for Archeological study and work.

ST-360 set consists of
  • Power Pack (ST-360)
  • Ultrasonic handpiece (HP-9706)
  • Standard tools and accessories
  • Power cord
  • Tool box

Set Contents

Power pack / SF-355 Ultrasonic handpiece  / HP-9706 Standard accessories


Power pack

Max. Power Output : 45W
Frequency : 21-24kHz
Power consumption : 150 VA
Frequency adjustment : Automatic
feedback system
Amplitude adjustment : Continuous
Oscillation mode : 4 steps
Applicable standard : CE
External dimension : 130 × 250 × 260H mm
Weight : 3.0 kgs


Ultrasonic handpiece (Transducer)

Tool screw diameter : M6 (with M6-M4 with adaptor)
Transducer cord : 1.7 M (Curl type)
External dimension : φ28 x 118L mm
Weight : 300 grams
Cooling system : Air-cooling

Standard accessories

Ceramic stones : 2 pcs.
Diamond files : 1 pc.
Carbide spatula : 3 pcs.
Tool cramp : 2 pcs.

Standard tools Standard tools  

Standard tools

Spanners : 2 pcs.

Standard tools

Torx wrench : 1 pc.
Hexagonal wrench : 1pc.


Example of Application

Ultrasonic Polishing

Ultrasonic Polishing

Jewelry Engraving (Metal carving)

Jewelry Engraving (Metal carving)

Printed Circuit Board Collection

Printed Circuit Board Collection

Archeological study and work

Archeological study and work

Demonstration Movies