Dr.Yozo is the TIG welder but not general TIG welder. There is the difference in the operating method between Dr.Yozo and the general TIG welder.
The general TIG welder keeps generating the arc and form the molten pool. When the welding materials are applied to the molten pool, the weld beads are formed. Dr.Yozo can form the One Point Molten point (a welding spot) by the instantaneous arc and the weld beads are formed when the same works are repeated.


– It is a entirely new technology to enable the precision welding with very little shrinkage and little heating up.With this new system, the worker without any knowledge of TIG and ARC weldings can easily do the Good precision welding.

– Manually, the small amount of metal can be welded on the surface of die and any steel parts with little heat.

– Without making any molten pool, small amount of steel can be welded in an instant and a special type of Argon welding. As a first step, a thin filler rod and material (steel rod, powder, sheet, wire) is tacked and
then it is welded by an arc to make one spot welded.

– The heat by Arc is very little and it does not damage the work and it surface by heat and there will be little troubles of shrinkage, distortion, bending, undercut.

– There will be no influence of the heat around the welded point and does not give any scratch/crack.

– A hand holding a tungsten electrode can touch the work while welding to make the welding work easier and can hold a good gap (and arc length) between the tungsten electrode and the work surface for better welding.

Example of weldng





Mould die
Plastic mould die, press die, die cast die, rubber mould, blow mould die, lost wax die.
To repair the surface, the parting lines, all innerouter,3 points corners, pinholes,welding under cut, where various kinds of troubles/improvement/modifications are required, e,g, shrinkage, hair crack, scratch, sink mark, blow hole, wearing, gasdamaged, crack, design change, cuttingmistake, etc.

Machine part,metal part, and tools
Pinhole, blow hole, sink mark, scratch, crack, wearing, design change, miscut.

Repairing the part and machines in various fields

Metal amount can bewelded by Dr. Yozo
Arc is generated once for a short time. The amount can be welded per arc is ø0.5mm~ø3.0mm in
diameter and 0.3mm~1mm in height. To make good welded area, form overlapping weld spots
horizontally and vertically.

Kinds of steel can bewelded by Dr.Yozo
Plastic mould steel, press die steel, die cast die steel, preharden steel, marging steel, stainless
steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, inconel, cobalt alloy, stelite, tool steel, white metal and other alloys.

Content of set

Mould Welder / Dr.Yozo Standard accessories  


Mould Welder

Rated Input 2 KVA
Rated Input voltage AC100,120,230V ±10%
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Amperage 60A
Rated load voltage 20V
Rated use % 20%
Max. Temperature
increase 90℃
Gas preflow time 0.8 sec.
Gas afterflow time 3 sec.
High frequency
Spark oscillating
tandem superimposing
Outer dimensions 160W x 380H x 425D
Total Weight 26 Kgs.

Standard accessories

Power Cord
Plasma Torch Hand piece w/cord
Earth Cord for connection between Micro Welding Machine and the base metal for YOZO
Earth Cord with Copper plate
Foot Switch
Tool Box
Screw and Wrench Set
Safety Goggles
Argon Gas Hose
Yozo Electrode 1.6φx 75L (4 pcs.)
Welding Materials : NAK 80 0.6x150L (20 pcs.)
STAVAX 0.6x150L (20 pcs.)
NAK 80 0.15t x 5W x 100L (10 pcs.)
STAVAX 0.15t x 5W x 100L (10 pcs.)
NAK 80 Powder
Control Switch
Handy Shielding Plate
Gas regulator with Flow meter
Regulator hose for above
Helmet Shield
Plasma handpiece holding Jig
Universal Vice with earth cord
Microscope 8X with shield