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Vol.6 ARGOFILE JAPAN Newsletter March, 2021








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Newsletter Vol.5 January 26








We are preparing the virtual meeting or online demonstration for ULTRAFORM.
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画像左画像左画像左hn23, palm split ring pliers hn22 fish workfinisher ultra form ultraform work finisher on-board polishing tool on board polishing tool

[ 2021/01/22 ]

Workfinisher: Ceramic Deburing Tool Series


Ceramic Deburring Tool Series

Workfinisher WF-1540 & WF-620
The blade of Work finisher is made of Zirconia ceramic which has the second highest hardness after diamond. Therefore, Workfinisher is the ideal product for deburring the molded parts made of the hard plastics containing talc, carbon fiber and glass filled resin.

Furthermore, it is suitable for deburring and chamfering non-ferrous metal such as the copper, aluminum and brass. As the advantage, it is Rust less, Wear resistance, Non-magnetic, Chemical resistance and Very safe No sharp edge.

Micro finish MF400
This is the Precision Ceramic Blade Deburring Hand Tools and It is suitable for deburring the thin walled part and fine burrs without the fear of cutting your hand or fingers in the process. It is ideal for curved and complicated shapes, excels on ultra hard resins like glass-fiber carbon fiber and talc filled plastics.

eco finish EF1200
This is Snap-Off Ceramic Blade Deburring Tool and you can use it for a long time because even if the ceramic blade is worn down, you can use it continuously by breaking each blade along the groove on the ceramic blade. So you can use it like the utility knife or box cutter but very safe.

You can use this for deburring fine burrs and chamfering the plastic molding, aluminum, copper and brass products.




[ 2021/01/22 ]



Unmanned Die Polishing Automation of Die Polishing Processing realized on NC Machine Tools

On NC machine tools, such as machining centers, automation of polishing processing was realized by replacing a ball end mill with an on-board polishing tool attached with a special rubber bonded polishing point (Hybrid Rabin) after machining a metal surface with the mill to a desired shape.

The advantage of the On-board Polishing Tool is that the vertical and circumferential tracking functions enables the tip of the polishing point to follow the shape of a pre-machined workpiece, making it possible to polish planes, three-dimensional freely curved surfaces and the vertical walls of dies.

This product consists of ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL and HYBRID RABIN.



ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL realizes the automation of die polishing processing by attaching it to the spindle chuck of NC machine tools, such as a machining center. It requires no new capital investment, such as purchasing a special-purpose machine, and provides cheap polishing processing in spite of its simple construction.

The largest advantage of the ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL with a tracking function is the realization of mirror face processing of nano-millimeter (nm) order using only fixed abrasive grains without using separate grains by making the end surface of a polishing point follow the shape of the surface subjected to pre-machining, such as cutting to remove tool marks generated by pre-machining planes, three-dimensional freely curved surfaces and vertical walls after this tool is combined to the later-mentioned HYBRID RABIN.


Three types of the ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL are available, namely the standard and small size specifications with a vertical tracking function, and the vertical wall-targeted collet chuck specification with vertical and circumferential tracking functions.

(1) In the standard specification, a head can be replaced (polishing point chuck dia. 3 or 6 mm) so that a large diameter polishing point can be attached.

(2) In the small size collet chuck specification, a spring collet restricts runout so that a small diameter polishing point can be rotated at high speed to increase its circumferential speed.

(3) The vertical wall-targeted collet chuck specification provides our epoch-making new products with a circumferential tracking function added to a vertical tracking function capable of polishing even vertical walls.



Advantage of HYBRID RABIN is to provide even polishing tool marks and improved surface roughness without leaving deep polishing scratches by suitably combining the elastic and flexible rubber characteristics and the diamond abrasive grains. In addition, continuous work is possible without paying attention to clogging, and cutting quality is not deteriorated even after blackening of polishing point surface.

– Polishing point diameter: 1 dia.~30 dia.
– Polishing point number count: #60~#10000
– Rubber hardness: JIS durometer A scale 95
– Diamond abrasive grain: Degree of concentration 100
– Polishing point shaft: Made of stainless steel (can be cut by hacksaw)

Unmanned Tool for Die Polishing Processing

Unmanned tool for die polishing processing ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL (‘Super’ Craftsmanship Parts Grand Prize “Mechanical Parts Award” 2013 received) is installed to a collet at the tip of the spindle of NC machine tools, such as a machining center to perform polishing processing by the rotating motion of the spindle while pressing HYBRID RUBBING (elastic rubber bonded diamond polishing point) attached to the tip of the ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL onto a workpiece surface at a constant pressure.

ON-BOARD POLISHING TOOL with a tracking function combined with HYBRID RABIN having elasticity and flexibility realized as far as mirror face processing by making the end surface of a polishing point follow the shape of a die pre-machined by cutting and removing tool marks generated by pre-machining planes, three-dimensional freely curved surfaces and vertical walls.

The introduction effect of this product is as follows:
– Variability of die surface roughness generated by manual polishing is eliminated and quality is stabilized.
– Machining conditions can be digitized and standardized, enabling skill transfer.
– Automatic operation in the night enables to shorten a work period.
– Since the involvement in the outsourcing of polishing work, the education of craftsman and the improvement of skill are not required, cost reduction can be realized.

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cristone bristle








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[ 2020/11/19 ]

Introduction of Zirco Knight

Zirco Knight

Zirconia Ceramic Rotary Burs


Zirco Knight is made of Zirconia Ceramic that is used as the material of artificial diamond.
The hardness is very high and the heat resistance is excellent but the surface is very smooth.
Therefore, the cut dust is hardly adhered to the head of Zirco Knight. Furthermore, even if it
is used for a long time, it is not heated and can smoothly grind without melting.

In comparison with the Carbide burs, the finished surface
by Zirco Knight is smoother than one machined by Carbide burs.
Moreover, Zirco Knight is not almost clogged with the aluminum
dust when cutting the aluminum materials.

In the hardness, Zirco Knight is nearly the Tungsten Carbide
and the strength is also very high. As one of the advantages,
it is possible to wash the head part of Zirco Knight with the water.

In the line-up, we are preparing 4 shapes such as “Taper”, “Bullet”, “Cylinder” and “Slim nose”.
The available mesh size is “Coarse”, “Medium” and “Fine” as follows.

* Shaft size : 2.34 mm dia. only.

[ 2020/11/19 ]


This is the portable Electric file and 3.0 mm stroke run back and forth.
The filing work can be done smoothly & speedily by the light-weight
and compact body.

The stroke speed can be adjusted in the range of 1,000 to 5,000 stoke per minute
with the Speed Adjustment Wheel on the body.
Depending on the work contents and applications, the various tip tools (7 types) are
assorted as the standard accessories.
ARTIMA 5 is suitable for the delicate work and finishing work to the laminted traces
of 3D printing models and bridge mark.




[ 2020/10/12 ]

Argofile Japan Newsletter Vol.2 (October. 2020)







*We are preparing the virtual meeting or online demonstration for ULTRAFORM. Please ask us!


[ 2020/10/05 ]





(1) Maximum output power is 100W and this is the most powerful model in our product range and high-grade
type. Rough polishing and Grinding can be made aggressively.
(2) On the other hand, Ultra-fine polishing can be done in NANO function as the special function.
In NANO function, the amplitude output value can be adjusted in the Ultra-micro range under
1 micro meter. NANO function is suitable for the ultra-fine polishing and the manual delicate work. The
delicate polishing work that was possible only by hand work can be made with UF-0101.
(3) We are preparing 2 types of the hand pieces for UF-0101, one is the Large-sized hand piece No. UF-7401
is very powerful. Another type is very light and compact sized hand piece No.UF-9701.
(4) User-friendly operation screen is available therefore it is very easy to operate it.


(1) Long-selling and most popular model. This is one of our best selling items.
(2) The strong point is that there are two output sockets for (1) Ultrasonic hand piece and (2) DC motor hand
piece in one controller (oscillator)
(3) You can operate the ultrasonic functions and DC motor functions.
(4) The maximum output power is 45W.


(1) SF-355 is the basic and entry-level machine.
(2) It is very simple and easy operation type.
(3) Maximum output power is 45W.


(1) ST-360 is the Multipurpose Ultrasonic Finishing Machine.
(2) You can use it as the Ultrasonic polishing machine if you attach the New Super Stone.
(3) You can use it as the simple Ultrasonic cutter if you change the tool holder and the optional blade.
(4) You can also use it for the geological survey and the fossil cleaning as we are preparing the optional tools.
If attaching the curved tools which the tip is bent, it can rake out the extra soil and can dig a hole at pin
(5) It is suitable for Removal of the pattern cut-resist film on the printed circuit board (PCB).
(6) Maximum output power is 45W.


(1) As the main application, it removes the machined deformation layer on the surface formed by the electric
discharge machining (EDM) in the Mold & Die.
(2) The finishing polishing can be made on the cavity surface.
(3) It can be used for the repair of the Mold & Die.